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What an exciting opportunity for people to learn more about Whine & Dine when PBS visited our Stamford event to tape a segment for Frontline. Soon after, Fox 5 NYC TV News came to visit us at our Midtown Manhattan event! The group was really having a great time at The Gossip Bar on 9th and 49th and quite a few were interviewed by Fox anchor and reporter Lisa Murphy. Here's the three minute segment - enjoy and please share with all you know in HR and Talent Management!

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Whine and DineThe Whine & Dine Human Resources Networking Group was founded in 2003 with a simple concept - to advance professional and social networking for Human Resources professionals without the burden of excessive rules or requirements and to support the HR community everywhere. Since inception, the group has grown from 5 to over 10,000 practitioners and partners. Many share in what we do, both locally in the northeast and around the United States, as well as internationally. COME JOIN US! No membership fee and no fee to attend our events - we're always in a restaurant, so you pay your own tab for food and drink. The value of the relationships you create and build and the contributions to the professional community you can make are PRICELESS!

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Place An Alternate Description Here!The Yahoo! Group we call WhineAndDine gives us the power to stay connected with what we call pure networking - to share information, articles, opinions and provide a forum to ask fellow HR professionals questions pertaining to our daily professional challenges. As long as you clearly identify yourself and what you do professionally, you are welcome to join this group. We also maintain a second Yahoo! Group, known as WhineAndDineHRJobLeads, where we share HR and Talent Management job leads and job search-related information. Although we welcome vendor contribution to our events, they do not participate in the job leads Yahoo! Group and not permitted to solicit business at events or in the Yahoo! Groups. Additionally, in keeping with the belief that networking is a practice one should maintain at all times and not just while in job search, HR practitioners must first be a member of the main networking group WhineAndDine before being admitted to the job leads group.

To join one or both of these groups, click on WhineAndDine or WhineAndDineHRJobLeads to view the group's description. Then click on the button that says: Join This Group. You will then be asked to sign into your Yahoo! account. Answer the three profile questions and you'll shortly be approved to become a member in one or both of these rapidly-growing groups. Just remember that you MUST to identify yourself with your full name and tell us what you do within or outside of the profession of Human Resources.

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Keith Bogen, SPHR
Chief Networking Officer & Founder
Abby Kohut
Strategic Growth Advisor
Jennifer Scott
Strategic Leadership Advisor & Stamford CT Networking Leader
Tony Dorsey
Stamford CT Networking Leader
Lynn Woodhall
Stamford and Milford CT Networking Leader
Elaina Campopiano
Milford CT Networking Leader
Asaf Carmeli, SPHR
Milford CT Networking Leader
Jerome Laday, SPHR
Edison NJ Networking Leader
Geri Weinberg
Edison & Jersey Shore NJ Networking Leader
Joyce Andrasz
Parsippany NJ Networking Leader
Walter Schwab
Parsippany NJ Networking Leader
Mitch Gouze
Paramus NJ Networking Leader
Tanisha Day
Paramus NJ Networking Leader
Maritza Milanes, SPHR
Jersey Shore NJ Networking Leader
Joanne Louizides-Bates
Jersey Shore NJ Networking Leader
Scott Chase
Jersey Shore NJ Networking Leader
Steve Gall, SPHR
Princeton NJ Networking Leader
Alyssa Satow
Princeton NJ Networking Leader
Sergio Negrin
New York City Networking Leader
Jocelyne Durando
New York City Networking Leader
Rob Gasperetti
Long Island NY Networking Leader
Robert Weiss
White Plains NY Networking Leader
Steve Green
White Plains NY Networking Leader
Christopher E. Lopez
Plymouth Meeting PA Networking Leader
Barbara L Davidson, PhD
Plymouth Meeting PA Networking Leader
Cindy Howes
Plymouth Meeting PA Networking Leader
Frank Bruno
Plymouth Meeting PA Networking Leader
Deb Finnegan
Lehigh Valley PA Networking Leader
Jim Fitzgerald, SPHR
Greater Boston MA Networking Leader
Shawn Lancaster
Greater Boston MA Networking Leader
Richard Jordan
Triangle NC Networking Leader
Kathy Koechling, SPHR, IPMA-CP
Triangle NC Networking Leader
Cal Ballard
Triangle NC Networking Leader
Kim Bair
Triad NC Networking Leader
Darla Fain-Reed
Triad NC Networking Leader
Cicely C. Thornton
Atlanta GA South Networking Leader
S. Emma Washington, PHR
Atlanta GA South Networking Leader
Donna Sloane, PHR
Atlanta North GA Networking Leader
Tony Cephus
Atlanta North GA Networking Leader
Alexandra Kaplan, SPHR
Irvine CA Networking Leader
Jill Lutsky
Networking Leader
Lorraine Serva, SPHR
Wilmington DE Networking Leader
Joanne Friedel
Wilmington DE Networking Leader
Jerry Dropcho
South Jersey Networking Leader
Aaron Boucher, PHR
South Jersey Networking Leader
Jeremy Lucabaugh
Providence RI Networking Leader
Keith Wolsko
Pittsburgh PA Networking Leader
Ed Han
On-Line Community Manager
Liane Fisher, JD
Legal Advisor